Genie Lettings branding, design and print



Brand new Isle of Wight business Genie Lettings wanted a style that would fit in with their existing branding; Genie Solutions and Genie Gas & Plumbing. We worked together to produce an array of essential marketing materials, business stationery and promo items.


Godshill Orchards re-brand, packaging design and print.

Label Development

Label Development



When Godshill Orchards decided on a re-brand they contacted Smart in Design to help facilitate this. We made the Godshill Orchards logo with a hand-written font for an organic feel, to work in different sized spaces. We kept the image of the cherries from their existing logo but added a modern twist.


We re-designed labels for their cherry and apricot products, keeping the branding consistent across the range. We took a photograph of a chalkboard to use for the background of the labels and used a chalk white colour for the handwritten fonts. There were various design revisions along the way with lots of variables to consider.



The designs were drafted with a hand drawn feel combined with a simplistic splash of colour to match the product within. The jars were carefully measured so that the graphics would sit central on hexagonal jars.


The printing of the labels were carried out digitally in a cost effective way. The wine bottle however was a more expensive product that required a specialist printing process; the labels were see through with a white ink print finish. This is what is referred to as a ‘spot colour’ because digital printers are unable to print the colour white.


Products are available from Farmer Jacks Shop, Arreton Barns, Isle of Wight and the cherry stand at Godshill, Isle of Wight.